Web Development

We are a highly skilled team of web developers dedicated to crafting user-friendly website design services that consistently surpass expectations and deliver exceptional results.

How We Do It

Our process involves collecting specifications, producing wireframes, designing adaptable layouts, implementing frontend and backend features, and conducting comprehensive testing.

Front-end Development

Developing a client-side for a web solution necessitates technical expertise, creative thinking, and a profTo construct the client side of a web solution, one needs technical proficiency, creativity, and a comprehensive grasp of user requirements. Leveraging our expertise, we develop visually appealing interfaces that load swiftly and provide an excellent experience across different devices.ound comprehension of user requirements. With our extensive experience, we excel at crafting visually appealing interfaces that load quickly and deliver an exceptional user experience across various devices.

Back-end Development

Developing the back end of a web solution requires technical expertise, problem-solving abilities, and a thorough understanding of system requirements. With our experience, we architect robust server-side components, design efficient databases, and build powerful APIs to ensure seamless data management and effective business logic implementation.

Responsive Web Design

Designing responsive websites demands a combination of technical skills, creative flair, and a deep understanding of user behavior across devices. With our experience, we create visually stunning interfaces that adapt seamlessly to different screen sizes, ensuring optimal user experience and accessibility.

Database Design

Designing a database necessitates expertise in data modeling, normalization, and efficient storage strategies. Our experience allows us to create well-structured and scalable database architectures that optimize data retrieval, storage, and management, ensuring reliability and performance for web solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are a lot of platforms in the market that help in building a creative and professionally designed website, but nearly half of the websites on the internet are built on WordPress. We are experts in building websites on the following platforms, WordPress, Magento, Laravel, Vue Js. Depending on your requirements, we would suggest the best suitable platform.

Six Sigma Inc. Pvt. Ltd. is an expert consulting and solution provider company established in the year 2016 focusing on the current technologies to help boost the productivity of communities, government, businesses, institutions and corporate houses in Nepal. Six Sigma Inc. comprises of professional engineers, consultants, academicians, trainers and businessmen.